add currency symbol to result of SQL query

Here is the issue I want to transform the balance (l.slsprice) into dollar signs $. How do I so?

s.ordnbr+l.lineref as copy,
(l.slsprice*(s.qtyord-s.qtycloseship)) as balance
from CAL.DBO.opssosched s (nolock)
join CAL.DBO.opssoline l (nolock) on s.ordnbr=l.ordnbr

The result I am looking for should be:

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  • Balance

    One Solution collect form web for “add currency symbol to result of SQL query”

    use format for sql-server 2012+

    format (<field>,'C')
    Select format(23.00,'$#,##0.##')   -- no cents as per comment
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