Best way to get identity of inserted row in Linked server?

I am inserting record in a remote Sql Server using Linked server, Now I wanna get the id of inserted record. something like scope_identity() in local server.
My remote sql server is 2000 version.

I have seen this post but I can’t add any stored procedures in remote sql server

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    You could use the remote side’s sp_executesql:

    DECLARE @ScopeIdentity (ID int);
    INSERT INTO @ScopeIdentity
    EXEC server.master..sp_executesql N'
      INSERT INTO database.schema.table (columns) VALUES (values);
    SELECT * FROM @ScopeIdentity;

    Alternatively, you could use OPENQUERY:

    SELECT *
    FROM OPENQUERY(server, '
      INSERT INTO database.schema.table (columns) VALUES (values);

    Yet another variation, in case linked user has permission to call procedures on linked server:

    DECLARE @ScopeIdentity int
    EXEC @ScopeIdentity = [linkedServerName].[database].[schema].sp_executesql N'
      INSERT INTO [table] ...

    try something like this:

    --when RemoteTable is (Rowid int identity(1,1) primary key, rowValue varchar(10))
    exec ('INSERT server.database.owner.RemoteTable (rowValue) VALUES (''wow'');select SCOPE_IDENTITY()')

    the EXEC will return a result set containing the SCOPE_IDENTITY() value

    if you have to do this for SQL Server 2005+ you can just add an OUTPUT INSERTED.IdentityColumn to get a result set of the identitie(s). Add an INTO onto that OUTPUT and you can store them in a table/table variable on the local machine.

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