Call TVF on every record of a table and concat results

I thought that must be obvious but I can’t figure it out.

Say there is a table tblData with a column ID and a table-valued-function (_tvf) that takes an ID as parameter. I need the results for all ID’s in tblData.

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  • But:

    SELECT * FROM tblData data 
    INNER JOIN dbo._tvf(data.ID) AS tvfData
       ON data.ID = tvfData.ID

    gives me an error: The multi-part identifier "data.ID" could not be bound

    What is the correct way to pass all ID’s to this TVF and concat the results?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Call TVF on every record of a table and concat results”

    I think you might need to use CROSS APPLY instead of an inner join here:

    SELECT * 
    FROM dbo.tblData data 
    CROSS APPLY dbo._tvf(data.ID) AS tvfData

    This will call the TVF function for each data.ID of the base table and join the results to the base table’s columns.

    See ressources here:

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