Cannot connect to Sql Server via Android Test

I have created simple android tests with UiAutomator. In these tests I want to confirm that some data were added in the database.

In my pc I can connect to the database, but in the virtual android device I get the following error:

  • on cascade delete on a table with two FK to the same table
  • Alter Table 'DEFAULT' not setting default values - SQL Server
  • Summarize aggregated data
  • To NOLOCK or NOT to NOLOCK, that is the question
  • Connect ASP.NET WebSite to SQL Database
  • Should I use foreign keys?
  • java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Didn’t find class
    “net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver” on path:

    when loading the driver:


    How can I tell the device where to find the driver?
    Should I upload the jdts=1.3.0.jar somewhere in the device?

    I have read many articles in the web were this is possible. But in my case the code is not running in an android app but runs as a test for the app. Could that be the problem?

    Many SO answers suggest to implement it in an external service but I really don’t want that for many reasons

    One Solution collect form web for “Cannot connect to Sql Server via Android Test”

    Try put the driver jar on the libs directory inside the probject and then clean and build again
    this may help!!

    Update 1
    You can visit this answer to see how to add *.jar files inside libs using ant

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