CONCAT in SQL Server 2014

I have a problem when I want to use CONCAT inside my stored procedure. I press execute and get this error message:

Mens 195, Nivel 15, Estado 10, Procedimiento upd_agregar, LĂ­nea 96′
CONCAT’ is not a recognized built-in function name.

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  • This is my table:

    create table sucursales
        idSucursal  nvarchar(5) primary key,
        idEmpresa   int not null,
        sucursal    nvarchar(25) not null,
        direccion   nvarchar(100) not null,
        telefono    nvarchar(25),
        email       nvarchar(25) not null,
        constraint fk_suc_emp foreign key(idEmpresa) 
                    references empresas(idEmpresa)

    This is my query:

    create procedure upd_agregar
        (@idEmpresa int, 
         @sucursal nvarchar(25),
         @direccion nvarchar(100),
         @telefono nvarchar (25),
         @email nvarchar(25))
        declare @longitud int, @codEmpresa nvarchar(2),@codSucursal nvarchar (2)
        --Generar codigo de empresa
        IF len(@idEmpresa) < 2
            SET @codEmpresa = CONCAT ('0',@idEmpresa)
            SET @codEmpresa = @idEmpresa

    and then when I want to make a select like this, I receive an error that I must declare a scalar variable @codSucursal:

    SELECT @codSucursal = isnull(max(cast(substring (idSucursal,4,2)AS int)),0) + 1 FROM sucursales 
    WHERE idEmpresa = @idEmpresa

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    CONCAT was added in SQL Server 2012.
    Check the version of your server, maybe you are not using 2014 as you think:


    Besides, you don’t really need CONCAT here and you don’t need to check the LEN to convert an integer into a string with leading zeroes:

    SET @codEmpresa = RIGHT('00' + CAST(@idEmpresa as nvarchar(2)), 2)

    Try this:

    create procedure upd_agregar
        (@idEmpresa int, @sucursal nvarchar(25),@direccion nvarchar(100),@telefono nvarchar (25),@email nvarchar(25))
            declare @longitud int, @codEmpresa nvarchar(2),@codSucursal nvarchar (2)
            --Generar codigo de empresa
            IF len(CAST(@idEmpresa AS NVARCHAR(2))) < 2
            SET @codEmpresa = CONCAT ('0', CAST(@idEmpresa AS NVARCHAR(2)))
            SET @codEmpresa = @idEmpresa
            PRINT @codEmpresa
    -- EXEC upd_agregar 1, 'B', 'C', 'D', 'E'
    -- Result: 01
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