Convert coordinate systems using SQLGeometery

One of my shape files looks like this:

  -91.513078999999991 36.970298, 
  -87.01993499999999 36.970298, 
  -87.01993499999999 42.508337999999995, 
  -91.513078999999991 42.508337999999995, 
  -91.513078999999991 36.970298)

Another file is using SRID 3857:

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      -10033572.109485552 4727287.954831399, 
      -10033571.708142675 4727287.954831399, 
      -10033571.708142675 4727288.1439229213, 
      -10033572.109485552 4727288.1439229213, 
      -10033572.109485552 4727287.954831399)

    Assuming I can figure out which coordinate systems are being used, how do I convert from one format to the other?

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    Use the GeometryToGeometry function from Pro Spatial, chapter 8.

    Source code and data tables:

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