Converting NULLs to 0 in SQL Pivot

The following code successfully generates a Pivot (shown below the code)

select * 
from (
Select GLAccount , DC , Amount  from AccountingTxns a where Acctno = '178523'
pivot (
sum (Amount)
for DC in ([D],[C])
as SumAmountDC
GLAccount             D       C
InterestDue     3801.37 3731.68
Cash            25600   25000
IntReceivable   3801.37 3801.37
IntIncome       NULL    3684.47
IntOverdue      NULL    116.9
Principal      25000    21868.32

How do i get rid of the NULLs (i.e. convert them to 0’s)?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Converting NULLs to 0 in SQL Pivot”

    use COALESCE,

    SELECT  GLAccount, 
            COALESCE(D, 0) D, 
            COALESCE(C, 0) C
                SELECT  GLAccount, 
                        DC , 
                FROM    AccountingTxns a 
                WHERE   Acctno = '178523'
            ) TableData
                FOR DC IN ([D],[C])
            ) SumAmountDC
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