Copy a table to another table with different structure

I have 2 tables in the DB:


The Table1_Temp was generated from a CSV. it is almost identical to Table1 but different because all Table1_Temp fields are VARCHAR and it has some irrelevant fields.

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  • I need to move the Data from Table1_Temp to Table1 but to keep the structure of Table1, and disregard the unnecessary fields from Table1_Temp.

    How can I do it?

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    Choose the columns to use and cast them to the necessary type in your select

    insert into table1 (col1, col2, col3)
    select cast(col1 as signed), col5, col7
    from Table1_Temp

    if both tables are on a different database (and different column)

    INSERT INTO db1.table1 (Acol1, Acol2, Acol3)
    SELECT Bcol1 AS Acol1, Bcol2 AS Acol2, Bcol3 AS Acol3
    FROM db2.table1_temp 

    This will only work if both databases are under 1 server (in this instance “localhost”)

    MS SQL Server is a Microsoft SQL Database product, include sql server standard, sql server management studio, sql server express and so on.