Counting lines of code of Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2005

Using SQL Server 2005 management studio, I have exported each Sprocs and Functions as a separate .sql file.

Is there a way that using CLOC tool, I can produce lines of code metric?

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  • The CLOC site states that it supports SQL but it does not generate any metric in this case.



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    I got a tool that satisfies my requirement:

    If anything better, pl share it.



    Might this be of help: How do I calculate the SIZE of stored procedures in SQL Server 2005?

    WHy don’t you use “Generate Scripts” by rightlciking on your database in Management studio, selecting your tables/stored procs/functions, and then exporting it to one giant file.
    From that, you can use a tool like notepad++ (or even notepad if u take word wrap off and status bar on), to see number of lines.
    or you can use CLOC on this one file created. Which ever makes you happy.

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