create trigger which will remove numbers from string

I’ve created function which removes numbers from string

create function RemoveNumber(@inp nvarchar(50))
returns nvarchar(50)
declare @out varchar(50)
if (@inp is NOT NULL)
    set @out = ''
    while (@inp <> '')
        if (@inp like '[0-9]%')
            set @out = @out + substring(@in, 1, 1)
        set @inp = substring(@inp, 2, len(@in) - 1)

Then I wanted to use it inside the trigger

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  • create trigger ut_RemoverName
    on Worker
    for insert
    update Worker
    set name = ut_RemoveNumber(name)

    It doesn’t see the function. But how to create loop from RemoveNumber inside the trigger?(Field namenvarchar(10))

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  • One Solution collect form web for “create trigger which will remove numbers from string”

    I guess you need this

    create trigger ut_RemoverName on Worker
    for insert
    UPDATE w
    SET Name = dbo.RemoveNumber(
    FROM Worker w JOIN inserted i ON w.Id = i.Id

    Demo on SQLFiddle

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