Error while converting nvarchar to datetime

I would like to execute my MSSQL stored procedure from my java program by giving as parameters two dates to have aselection between this two dates. So in java code I proceeded like this:

"EXEC [dbo].[MyProcedure] " + "'"+ dateFrom+"'" ,"'"+dateTo"'"

I have declared my parameters in sql server procedure like this way : @collected_date1 datetime, @collected_date2 datetime.
And I selected the two date like this :

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  • SELECT @date1 = Convert(varchar(23),@collected_date1,121)
    SELECT @date2= Convert(varchar(23),@collected_date2, 121)  

    However I have this message error : Error converting data type nvarchar to datetime

    Could you help me please ?
    Thank you

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Error while converting nvarchar to datetime”

    on above statement you declared variable

    @collected_date1 datetime,
    @collected_date2 datetime

    and when you set you convert data-type to varchar so it give you error

    if you want to set into datetime datatype you should use

    SELECT @date2= Convert(datetime,@collected_date2, 121)  ;
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