FreeTDS Mac OS X MiniPortile

I’m trying to install FreeTDS on Max OS X Lion and came across the MiniPortile GitHub repository.

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  • I’m trying to install FreeTDS so that I can use the sqladapter

    The instructions on the sqladapter github say to clone the mini_portile repo then just do:

    $ bundle install
    $ rake compile
    $ rake native gem
    $ gem install pkg/tiny_tds-X.X.X-#{platform}.gem

    I don’t understand how to use the library.

    I tried cloning the repo, switching to my local clone, and running:

    bundle install

    but there is no Gemfile.

    Do I need to include the mini_portile library in a Rails application, and then run the commands?

    I’m missing a step in the step by step directions of how to use mini_portile to install FreeTDS on Mac OS X.


    One Solution collect form web for “FreeTDS Mac OS X MiniPortile”

    You run those commands on the tiny_tds project, not the miniportile one

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