Get nested XML output sql server

I have a problem with my xml output from sql server database. My table:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[test_table](
    [id] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
    [firstname] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
    [lastname] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
    [city] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
    [street] [nvarchar](255) NULL,
    [streetno] [int] NULL

I want the output, where Address is nested inside each Person, like this:

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  • <Root>
      <Person id="1">
          <street> Cowley Road</street>
      <Person id="2">
        <lastname>Mc Gee</lastname>
          <street> Hague Parkway</street>

    I’ve tried with nested select like:

     select '@id', tbl1.firstname, tbl1.lastname,
     select city,street,streetno from test_table as tbl2
     where =
     for xml path('Address')
     from test_table as tbl1
     for xml path('Person'), Root('Root')

    but the output is like:

      <Person id="1">
        <lastname>Buckley</lastname>&lt;Address&gt;&lt;city&gt;Oklahoma&lt;/city&gt;&lt;street&gt; Cowley Road&lt;/street&gt;&lt;streetno&gt;34&lt;/streetno&gt;&lt;/Address&gt;</Person>
      <Person id="2">
        <lastname>Mc Gee</lastname>&lt;Address&gt;&lt;city&gt;Anchorage&lt;/city&gt;&lt;street&gt; North Green Clarendon Road&lt;/street&gt;&lt;streetno&gt;29&lt;/streetno&gt;&lt;/Address&gt;</Person>
      <Person id="3">

    What I am doing wrong?

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    You forgot , type and you don’t need wxtra reading from table.

    select '@id'
        , tbl1.firstname
        , tbl1.lastname
        , (
            select city
                , street
                , streetno
            for xml path('Address'), type
    from test_table as tbl1
    for xml path('Person'), type, Root('Root')
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