How can you convert “tinyint” of t-sql to integer in c#?

I have a tinyint column in the database and I wish to convert it to Int32 for an SqlDataReader.

How do i go about it?

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  • Edit #1

    I recently had to do this.

    int a = dataReader.GetByte(dr.GetOrdinal("ColumnName"));

    #In Addition to Answer

    SQL Server Data Type Mappings

    bigint           - GetInt64  
    binary           - GetBytes  
    int              - GetInt32  
    money            - GetDecimal  
    rowversion       - GetBytes  
    smallint         - GetInt16  
    tinyint          - GetByte  
    uniqueidentifier - GetGuid   

    For more info visit – SQL Server Data Type Mappings

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    What does it normally come back as – byte? If so, just do an unbox and then a convert:

    (int)(byte) reader["column"];

    or just let the conversion happen naturally:

    int x = (byte) reader["column"];

    or do the same with the strongly typed methods:

    int x = reader.GetByte(column);

    Adjust this to sbyte or short or whatever if I’m wrong about it mapping to byte. You could do the conversion at the SQL Server side, but I’d personally do it at the client side instead, and keep the SQL simpler.

    Use “SByte” works every-time For handling the Tiny Int problem

    int RetValue;
    RetValue = (int)(byte)dt.Rows[A][B]  // A = RowNo , B = 'tinyint' Column Name.

    To get a tinyint from a sql table i do the following:

    retorno = Convert.ToInt32(dr.GetByte(dr.GetOrdinal("StepStatus")));

    Where retorno is a int variable.

    I hope this help you.

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