How do I get SQL server 2008r2 to show me the Errors?

I am running an Insert script that is supposed to insert 13,381 rows into a blank DB from SSMS. Its telling my “Query completed with errors” and is only inserting 13357 rows.

Nothing is showing up in the Error list. How do I locate the mistakes in the script?

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    try this:

    begin try
        --your inserts here
    end try
    begin catch
        --returns the complete original error message as a result set
            ERROR_NUMBER() AS ErrorNumber
            ,ERROR_SEVERITY() AS ErrorSeverity
            ,ERROR_STATE() AS ErrorState
            ,ERROR_PROCEDURE() AS ErrorProcedure
            ,ERROR_LINE() AS ErrorLine
            ,ERROR_MESSAGE() AS ErrorMessage
        --will return the complete original error message as an error message
        DECLARE @ErrorMessage nvarchar(400), @ErrorNumber int, @ErrorSeverity int, @ErrorState int, @ErrorLine int
        SELECT @ErrorMessage = N'Error %d, Line %d, Message: '+ERROR_MESSAGE(),@ErrorNumber = ERROR_NUMBER(),@ErrorSeverity = ERROR_SEVERITY(),@ErrorState = ERROR_STATE(),@ErrorLine = ERROR_LINE()
        RAISERROR (@ErrorMessage, @ErrorSeverity, @ErrorState, @ErrorNumber,@ErrorLine)
    end catch
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