How do I set the default database in Sql Server from code?

I can’t seem to figure out how to set the default database in Sql Server from code. This can be either .Net code or T-Sql (T-Sql would be nice since it would be easy to use in any language). I searched Google and could only find how to do it in Sql Server Management Studio.

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    sp_defaultdb [@loginame =] 'login' , [@defdb =] 'database'

    ALTER LOGIN should be used for SQL Server 2005 or later:

    ALTER LOGIN <login_name> WITH DEFAULT_DATABASE = <default_database>

    sp_defaultdb eventually will be removed from SQL Server:

    Thanks Stephen.

    As a note, if you are using Windows Authentication, the @loginname is YourDomain\YourLogin (probably obvious to everybody else, but took me a couple tries.

    sp_defaultdb @loginame='YourDomain\YourLogin', @defdb='YourDatabase'

    If you’re trying to change which database you are using after you are logged in, you can use the USE command. E.g. USE Northwind.

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