How do I suppress empty namespaces with FOR XML in Sql Server

We are encountering a strange problem with SQL Server 2005/2008 using the FOR XML with fragments of xml and namespaces. Here is the query in question.

'' as [xsi],
'' as [a]
 [@a:Source], [AddressCount], [ConsumerCount], [EmailCount], [PermissionCount]
, (
  FROM tbcExportBRC_Current xmlmaster
  FOR XML PATH(''), ROOT('Consumers'), TYPE
FROM tbcExportBRCBatch_Current xmlroot
FOR XML PATH('Datafeed'), TYPE

The [Customer] field is an xml fragment. When I run this I get.

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  • <Datafeed xmlns:a="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="" a:Source="DSD">
      <Consumers xmlns:a="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="">
          <ConsumerType xmlns="">Individual</ConsumerType>
          <FirstName xmlns="">STEVE</FirstName>
          <LastName xmlns="">SMITH</LastName>

    If you notice the tag’s children have xmlns=”” in them. If we look at the fragment directly in the table it looks like this.


    I can remove the default namespace

    DEFAULT '',

    It removes the xmlns=”” but we need to keep that in the file. Any ideas?

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    The result is the correct one. In the table you have elements with no namespace, so when you add them under the Consumers element with the default namespace of xmlns=””, the elements from the table must overwride the default namespace back to “”.

    That is exactly what you should see. Not having the xmlns=”” would mean that the ConsumerType/FirstName/LastName elements are in the namespace “”, which is false.

    What you probably whant is to probably move the ConsumerType/FirstName/LastName elements into the “” namespace, to match the namespace of the parent Consumer element.

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