How to call stored procedure with multiple values in Java?

I need to call a SQL Server stored procedure from Java. This is the stored procedure:

 DECLARE @t_certificate v.vt_VidaDollarsCertificates
 INSERT INTO @t_certificate VALUES(1,710335,'FFRLODOLAR',363)
 INSERT INTO @t_certificate VALUES(1,710335,'FFRLODOLAR05',363)
 INSERT INTO @t_certificate VALUES(1,710335,'FFRLODOLAR06',363)
 EXEC v.vprdl_CertificateInsert @t_certificate 

What I do is to create a raw query and then with a PreparedStatement add the information.

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  • I create the raw query like this:

    StringBuilder query = new StringBuilder();
            "DECLARE @t_certificate v.vt_VidaDollarsCertificates;"
            + "INSERT @t_certificate VALUES(?,?,?,?)");
    for (int i = 0; i < arrCertificates.size() - 1; ++i) {
        query.append(",(?,?,?,?) ");
    query.append("; EXEC v.vprdl_CertificateInsert @t_certificate");

    This is the raw query that is formed

    DECLARE @t_certificate v.vt_VidaDollarsCertificates;INSERT @t_certificate VALUES(?,?,?,?),(?,?,?,?) ,(?,?,?,?) ; EXEC v.vprdl_CertificateInsert @t_certificate

    Then I create the PreparedStatement.

    PreparedStatement preparedStmt = con.prepareStatement(query.toString());
    for (int i = 0; i < arrCertificates.size(); ++i) {
        preparedStmt.setInt(1, arrCertificates.get(i).getCertificateTypeID());
        preparedStmt.setInt(2, arrCertificates.get(i).getContratoID());
        preparedStmt.setString(3, arrCertificates.get(i).getFolio());
        preparedStmt.setInt(4, Integer.parseInt(arrCertificates.get(i).getID()));

    After that I use executeUpdate.

    ResultSet rs = preparedStmt.getGeneratedKeys();

    But it is not working, it throws an exception

    the value is not set for the parameter number

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    It seems you set the wrong index to the prepapred statement because in all iteration you set the same values :

    VALUES(?,?,?,?),(?,?,?,?) ,(?,?,?,?)
           1 2 3 4   1 2 3 4    1 2 3 4

    it seems this is not correct, instead you can use :

    int j = 1;
    for (int i = 0; i < arrCertificates.size(); ++i) {
        preparedStmt.setInt(j++, arrCertificates.get(i).getCertificateTypeID());
        preparedStmt.setInt(j++, arrCertificates.get(i).getContratoID());
        preparedStmt.setString(j++, arrCertificates.get(i).getFolio());
        preparedStmt.setInt(j++, Integer.parseInt(arrCertificates.get(i).getID()));

    So for 3 inputs it should gives you :

    VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?),(?, ?, ?, ?) ,(?, ?, ?, ?)
           1  2  3  4   5  6  7  8    9  10 11 12 
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