How to change mm/dd/yyyy to desired format

I have date in format mm/dd/yy.For eg:4/1/2009 means April 1 2009.I want to get format as April 1,2009 in sql.Can anybody help?

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    Use the CONVERT function.

    It looks like format 107 is the one you want.

    This should do what you want.

    DECLARE @date datetime
    SET @date = getdate()
    SELECT datename(day,@date) + ' ' + left(datename(month,@date),3) + ' ' + datename(year,@date)
    declare @d datetime
    select @d = '20090401'
    select convert(varchar(50),@d,107)

    will give you this

    Apr 01, 2009

    If you want 1 instead of 01 do this

    declare @d datetime
    select @d = '20090401'
    select replace(convert(varchar(50),@d,107),' 0',' ')

    Apr 1, 2009

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