How to tell T-SQL query not to escape the given string/query result

This is a sample query

select *
from tablename
where tableid in (<sub query>);

The <sub query> here returns null or a string of pattern 'id1','id2','id3'

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  • My <sub query> is something like:

    select xml_data.value('(/Node/SubNode)[1]', 'varchar(max)'))
    from tablename
    where tableid = '9944169f-95a6-4570-89d7-b57a3fe1b693'

    The problem :
    My sub query returns proper data ('id1','id2','id3') but the parent query considers the complete result as one single string and hence returns 0 rows always.

    How can I tell SQL Server not to escape single quotes present in the result of my sub-query?

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    It’s not clear if your subquery is applying to the same table as the first query, but this should show you the general direction

    declare @x xml = '<Node><SubNode>t1</SubNode><SubNode>t2</SubNode></Node>'
    declare @t  table (v varchar(20))
    insert @t values ('t1'),('t3')
    select table1.*
        @t table1
            inner join 
        @x.nodes('/Node/SubNode') t(x)
            on table1.v = t.x.value('.','varchar(100)')
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