“Index was outside the bounds of the array” while Compare SQL schema by SQL compare tool

I got one problem from comparing database schema as i use Red gate SQL Compare 6 , after initialization of the compare databases error is coming as following

"Index was outside the bounds of the array".

Please provide your valuable comments to get resolve this issue.

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    Have you tried upgrading? The latest version released is 8.1, and your issue might have been fixed in the intervening versions. You can also try posting on their support forums…

    Don’t use version 6 on 64 bit versions of SQL Server… Or 7, it appears.

    • The computer running SQL Compare is using a 64-bit edition of Windows
    • One or more of the servers being compared are SQL Server 2005 or higher
    • The Decrypt encryped objects on SQL 2005 and 2008 databases option is selected

    I’ve been using Redgate stuff since 2003 and don’t remember this error.

    I really would consider upgrading…

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