Insert varbinary data into SQL Server database

I have this table:

   (<NUM_TRF int
   ,<NAME, varchar(255),>
   ,<DESCRIPTION, text,>
   ,<REPORT, varbinary(max),>)

I try to create a script in SQL Server 2008, in order to insert a line on my local database,

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    VALUES(1, 'name', 'description', Cast('wahid' As varbinary(max)) )

    but I get this error:

    String or binary data would be truncated.
    The statement has been terminated.

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    Two issues:

    Issue #1: don’t use TEXT anymore – it’s deprecated. Use a VARCHAR(n) with a suitable size of n, or if you really must (only if you REALLY must), use VARCHAR(MAX)

        NUM_TRF int,
        NAME varchar(255),
        DESCRIPTION varchar(1000),
        REPORT varbinary(max)

    I would personally also avoid writing EVERYTHING IN ALL CAPS – this just makes it so much harder to read! And I would try to avoid very generic column names like Name or Description – those are not very intuitive, and might collide with other table’s columns and / or with SQL Server reserved keywords. Try to use more expressive, more context-related column names that make sense in your environment (ConnectUsername or whatever)

    Issue #2: when doing an INSERT, I would recommend to always define the column you want to insert into. This avoids unpleasant surprises when a table is restructured or new columns are added:

    VALUES(1, 'name', 'description', CAST('wahid' AS VARBINARY(MAX)))

    Hmm, “trivial answer converted to comment”. But it’s the right answer, and as a comment, there’s no way to accept it as the right answer. And as a user with less than 50 reputation, I don’t technically have permission to make comments.

    So, I’ll say again, non-trivially this time…

    This question is answered here: Update table inserting VARBINARY data

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