Is it possible to list all users in a TFS group from SQL Server

I am trying to recover some group membership information from an old TFS 2010 server for which the application tier is no longer available (but the SQL back-end has not yet been deleted). I know there are command line programs to get security information but I am wondering if it is possible to get security information (specifically group membership) given only the database tables/views.

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    Here’s a query I use to list all users and memberships within a TFS Collection.

    Select    Object1.DisplayName as Name, 
              Object2.DisplayName as Membership
    From      ADObjectMemberships Member1, 
              ADObjects Object1,
              ADObjects Object2
    Where     Object1.ObjectSID = Member1.MemberObjectSID and
              Object2.ObjectSID = Member1.ObjectSID
    Order By  Membership, Name

    After poking around and some trial-and-error, I found that the following SQL seems to work

    USE MyCollection;
       --grp.[SamAccountName] 'group_name',
        member.SamAccountName 'member_name'
        [ADObjects] grp
        JOIN ADObjectMemberships om ON om.ObjectSID = grp.ObjectSID
        JOIN ADObjects member ON om.MemberObjectSID = member.ObjectSID
        grp.SamAccountName = 'MyGroup'
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