Join Remote database table with my Local database table in SQL Server 2012

I am using SQL Server 2012 Management Studio. I tried to connect to a remote database. I was able to connect successfully but i was restricted to access only for four views. I tried the following steps to join the table with my local table.

  1. I tried to use linkedserver but I was un-able to add the remote server due to permission restriction so i was un-able to modify the SP_LinkedServer.

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  8. I tried to copy the table but i was un-able to copy it to my local database.

I am planning to compare my local table with my remote table. I am new to SQL Server, curious to learn. Please correct me if have a wrong understanding.

I appreciate your kind help

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You should try using the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard:

If possible you could export the data from one server and import it to the other using the wizard.

If this is not possible then you could export to a file from one server, and then import from a file onto the other.

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