Memory Limits for SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard and Analysis Services

According to MSDN, the memory limit for SQL Server 2008 Standard edition is 64 GB. Does anyone know if this total is for SQL Server only, for each service you run on that instance (SQL, SSAS, SSIS), or a single total that is shared among all services you run within that instance.

For example, if I want to allocate 64 GB of memory to SQL, will there be any memory available under my license for me to run any other services on that instance?

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  • Note: This is not a question about physical memory limitations, as my server has more than enough physical memory to meet my allocation requirements. I am only curious to know if I will be limited by the license itself.

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    It looks like it’s 64GB limit is per instance, not server. Other people were asking the same question in this article…

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