MS Sql: Conditional ORDER BY ASC/DESC Question

I want to to make to make the ordering in my query conditional so if it satisfiess the condition it should be ordered by descending

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    Don’t change the ASC or DESC, change the sign of the thing being sorted-by:

    SELECT * FROM table 
    CASE WHEN @Direction = 1 THEN -id else id END asc;

    The OP asks:

    Guys, I am not the SQL Expert, please explain me what means the id and -id, does it controls the ordering direction?

    id is just whatever column you’re sorting by; -id is just the negation of that, id * -1. If you’re sorting by more than one column, you’ll need to negate each column:

    SELECT * FROM table 
    CASE WHEN @Direction = 1 THEN -id else id END 
    CASE WHEN @Direction = 1 THEN -othercolumn else othercolumn END ;

    If you’re ordering by a non numeric column, you’ll need to find an expression that makes that column “negative”; writing a function to do that may help.

    SELECT * 
    FROM Data 
    Case WHEN @Direction = 1 THEN SortOrder END DESC, 
    Case WHEN 1=1 THEN SortOrder END

    You can also use a scheme which supports all column types:

    SELECT <column_list> FROM <table>
    CASE WHEN @sort_order = 'ASC' AND @sort_column = '<column>' THEN <column> END ASC,
    CASE WHEN @sort_order = 'DESC' AND @sort_column = '<column>' THEN <column> END DESC

    I have done something like this

    select productId, InventoryCount, 
        when @Direction = 1 then InventoryCount 
        else -InventoryCount 
        end as "SortOrder"
    order by 3
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