Hierarchical Data Structure Design (Nested Sets)

I’m working on a design for a hierarchical database structure which models a catalogue containing products (this is similar to this question). The database platform is SQL Server 2005 and the catalogue is quite large (750,000 products, 8,500 catalogue sections over 4 levels) but is relatively static (reloaded once a day) and so we are […]

How to improve performance in SQL Server table with image fields?

I’m having a very particular performance problem at work! In the system we’re using there’s a table that holds information about the current workflow process. One of the fields holds a spreadsheet that contains metadata about the process (don’t ask me why!! and NO I CAN’T CHANGE IT!!) The problem is that this spreadsheet is […]

Backup remote SQL Server database to local

I’m trying to backup a live database to my computer and I can’t find the option to do it. I’m connecting to it using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2. I’m a MySQL monkey, so I’m used to being able to backup to .sql files and move them around. Anyone have any idea how […]

passing parameter to the CRYSTAL REPORT through C# in asp.net

I am new to crystal report.I have designed the crystal report by following this link Crystal Report with SQL Stored Procedure Parameter and Visual Studio Actually i need to pass different ID(Input value of the SP) to the SP that i connected with the Crystal report. This is the Code that i am Passing the […]

Calling Stored Procedure on classic ASP page

I’ve been struggling all day calling a Stored Procedure from a classic ASP page. I have a few basic noobie questions. First, is this the best way to add a parameter to my command: cmd.Parameters.Append cmd.CreateParameter(“@SubmissionDate”, adDBTimeStamp, adParamInput, , txtDate) Second, is adDbTimeStamp the proper type to use when mapping to a smalldatetime parameter in […]

How do I rename a table in SQL Server Compact Edition?

I’ve designed my SQL CE tables using the built-in designer in VS2008. I chose the wrong names for a couple. I am now completely stuck trying to find a way to rename them. I am refusing to believe that such a feature could have been “forgotten”. How do I rename an existing table using the […]

T-SQL Arithmetic overflow: which column?

In MS SQL Server 2005, when encountering an “Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to data type numeric” during an INSERT, is it possible to discover which column’s input value caused the error? There seems to be a number of similar conversion errors that don’t report which column provoked the trouble. This makes fixing mistakes rather […]

Using Entity FrameWork with multiple MS SQLSERVER Databases

I have searched back and forth but seemingly could not get a hold of what I need. I am sorry if this has been answered of late. A redirection to the discussion will do me good. This is the scenario. I have been instructed to move from Microsoft Visual Foxpro (MS is withdrawing support come […]

Any clever way to fix 'string or binary data would be truncated' warning with LINQ

Is there a clever way to determine which field is causing ‘string or binary data would be truncated’ with LINQ. I’ve always ended up doing it manually by stepping through a debugger, but with a batch using ‘SubmitChanges’ I have to change my code to inserting a single row to find the culprit in a […]

SQL SMO To Execute Batch TSQL Script

I’m using SMO to execute a batch SQL script. In Management Studio, the script executes in about 2 seconds. With the following code, it takes about 15 seconds. var connectionString = GetConnectionString(); // need to use master because the DB in the connection string no longer exists // because we dropped it already var builder […]

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