Apply VBA code to Excel file from SSIS

Good evening everyone. I have to build a SSIS package that does as follows: 1) Execute a VBA code to a XLS file (Transpose a range into another range) 2) Save the XLS (In the same file or as a new file) 3) Import the modified XLS from the Transposed range. Basically I have to […]

Sequential JDBC statement executions not transacting

I have the following tables: all_app_users ============= all_app_user_id INT PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL is_enabled BOOLEAN NOT NULL myapp_users =========== myapp_user_id INT PRIMARY KEY NOT NULL all_app_user_id INT FOREIGN KEY (all_app_users) myapp_user_stage INT NOT NULL And the following JDBC code: Long allAppUserId = null; Long myAppId = null; Connection pooledConn = getPooledDBConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = null; […]

SQL Server Management Studio not showing correct data space of a table

Before I had a table with 8 columns. The one that is important here is called SerializedCriteria. It was text column with a lot of data. And by a lot of data I mean over 37000 strings with length of 20-30 kb of text. Anyway this is how the tabled looked like before: The size […]

SQL Immediately exit and rollback from “Instead Of” trigger if condition is met

I have a table in one database that references IDs of a table in another database. I have set up Instead Of Insert/Update triggers to prevent from inserting IDs that do not exist in the other table. I want these triggers to abort the transaction if it finds an ID that does not exist, otherwise […]

Cross Database Security

I have 2 databases X&Y. I have a user on X which needs to access Table in Y through a view in X. X has a synonym built to access table on Y. I need the user to access the view,not access the synonym (i acheived this through DENY GRANT),not access the table in the […]

get the objects which inolved in Deadlock graph

We are facing the deadlock issue for one of our application and below is the sql log obtained. I am unable to interprete the exact issue. Can some one help me how to understand this one. This is the wait time graph obtained from SQL log. `Node:1 KEY: 8:72057594538426368 (e1e76d2c41ad) CleanCnt:2 Mode:RangeX-X Flags: 0x1 Grant […]

SQL procedure return codes when column mismatch occurs on INSERT statement

I have a ‘driver’ stored procedure that execute several procedures in a specific order. There is some error checking in this driver that checks the return code of the procedure that was executed and if it is not equal to 0 then it terminates. Some sample code below: … EXECUTE @return_status = data_validate IF @return_status […]

Grant permission to create a user for any database

I’m working with SQL Server 2012. There are two permissions. Server-level permission to create logins: GRANT ALTER ANY LOGIN TO MyAdminUser And database-level permission to create users: USE aDatabase GRANT ALTER ANY USER TO MyAdminUser Is there are any equivalent of server-level way (as in case with ALTER ANY LOGIN permission) to grant my MyAdminUser […]

Java Security Database connection

Hi I have client java program that execute with jar file. However that client program contain JDBC with user name and password. I think it’s not really good for security because everyone can decompile jar file. Which one is best way to make JDBC connection string with secured module. Program is built by Java version […]

Retrieve data from SQL Server database using ajax method C#

I’m new to C# and javacript. I’m doing my first program on Visual Studio and I have one problem to retrieve data from a SQL Server database. I want to retrieve data from SQL Server and convert it to Json by using an ajax method. But when I start my web page I can see […]

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