How do I access a SQL Server database from a Perl script in Linux?

I have a Perl script on a Linux (Ubuntu 8.10) machine and I need to write data to a SQL Server Database. I’ve been trying to use the DBD::ODBC module but I can’t get it to connect. Where can I get a free/open source driver to use to use for the ODBC connection or is […]

Three way join in sql

I have three tables titled “Guest”, “Guest_Address” and “Acutal_Address”. Guest_Address is a linking table between guest and acutal_address. This is what I have so far. SELECT GUEST_ADDRESS.ADDRESS_CODE,(GUEST_FNAME+’ ‘+GUEST_LNAME) AS GUEST_NAMES FROM GUEST JOIN GUEST_ADDRESS ON GUEST.ADDRESS_NUM = GUEST_ADDRESS.ADDRESS_NUM; This only joins the Guest and Guest_address table, but I need to join Guest and Acutal_Address. Here […]

System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted

i am getting this error while executing the procedure. This problem occurs only at production not in the testing and developer systems. Also this problem does not occur all the time. When this error arises all users using this database through application are getting hanged that means all the users connections to the database are […]

How to get detailed list of connections to database in sql server 2005?

How to get detailed list of connections to database in sql server 2005?

file extensions lost between browsers in c# application

I have a technical question for some of you. Basically i have been testing my application primarily in firefox, I have a download feature in the application where the user can download a file from SQL server database. The problem is that when i download the file in Internet explorer every file will lose its […]

SQL Compact select top 1

While porting an application from SQL 2005 to SQL Server Compact Edition, I found that I need to port this command: SELECT TOP 1 Id FROM tblJob WHERE Holder_Id IS NULL But SQL Server Compact Edition doesn’t support the TOP keyword. How can I port this command?

Design option for 'recurring tasks'

I am writing a small application which handles Tasks for people. Very simple, but the area I am stuck on, as far as table design goes, is the case of a recurring task, which can be either once off, daily, weekly or monthly. If weekly, it’s on a specific day, weekly. Monthly is a specific […]

What is a good mapping of .NET decimal to SQL Server decimal?

I am having to interface some C# code with SQL Server and I want to have exactly as much precision when storing a value in the database as I do with my C# code. I use one of .NET’s decimal type for a value. What datatype/precision would I use for this value in SQL Server? […]

Entity framework very slow to load for first time

I’m using EF 4 on my web site and have found a very disturbing problem – the first run load time is extremely slow. (about 20-30 seconds). After the first run – it will work really fast. What I mean by “first run” is a run after some long time of no activity (10 minutes […]

Problem in creating two identity columns in a single table

I am having a problem in creating two identity columns in a single table. This is my part of job… They need two identity columns in a single table at any cost. Is there any way to do this. Please provide any syntax for creating two identity columns in a single table at a time […]

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