NEXT Function, or test if following Row Group is hidden

I’m using ReportBuilder 2.0 / SQL Server 2008. I have a report that uses visibility settings on the row groups which results in some row group headings being hidden, which in turn makes report totals seem incorrect. I can’t change the visibility settings (for business reasons); what I’m looking for is a way to test […]

Is it ok to save large html content in the database when building a CMS

I’m building a site which mainly has articles and I’m using ASP.NET MVC 5 framework and SQL server. I want to handle the site as a Content Management System, where I can add, edit these article content. I’m planning to use a Rich text editor (TinyMCE) to handle content of an article (Add and edit […]

Set a Progress Bar in DataGridView in

I want to set a Progress bar while this datagrid is importing records from a excel file, some excel files are bigger, and it takes a time to import to the datagrid, so i need the progress bar to see the progress, well Private Sub openFileButton_click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles openFileButton.Click Dim OpenFileDialog […]

Login into SQL Server 2014 using windows groups

I have an domain admin user group and I have added it to SQL Server security. My account is added to the group. But I am not able to log in to SQL Server. If I add my domain account individually to SQL Server, I can login using my Windows account. Can I login into […]

Return object through 3 lists and one object

I have a query that gives me a Quiz with a Category, with a question and an answer, as you can see in the query below. However, I want to only use one reader, and I want it to be as object oriented as possible meaning I want Quiz to be the root object. Everything […]

Update multiple rows using a case statement only updates 1 row

I would like to update one column but multiple rows in one table using a case statement. this is update statement: UPDATE UDSDiagnosisGroups SET UDSDiagnosisCategoryID = CASE WHEN LineDisplay IN (‘1-2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, ‘4a’, ‘4b’) THEN (SELECT UDSDiagnosisCategoryID FROM UDSDiagnosisCategories WHERE UDSDiagnosisCategory = ‘Selected Infectious and Parasitic Diseases’) WHEN LineDisplay IN (‘5’, ‘6’) THEN (SELECT […]

Passing values dynamically from config file to sql Query – SSIS

I have developed a SSIS Package in which I am using a SQL task. The .SQL file is being picked up from a particular folder in my file system. My SQL Script is creating a database and creating some SQL logins. I need to pass the username/login name dynamically through config file in my .SQL […]

Data from local .mdf not showing in listView

When I run my code,I get no errors and the code seems to run properly but the data from the database does not show up on my listView. Here is my designer form code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Configuration; using […]

SQL query to get rows with 2 or more duplicates in one column and no duplicates across two other columns?

So say my table is: #3 6 4# #4 5 6# #4 6 4# #8 6 4# #1 2 3# #1 3 2# #4 5 6# I would like to get the rows where there are 2 or more duplicates in the first column and no duplicates across the other 2. So my result should […]

Enable XA transactions for MSSQL Server docker image

I have MSSQL Server Linux docker image that I use for development and I need to enable XA transactions on this instance, I search a lot but all the tutorials I found show only how to do that from a windows machine, no Linux. So How to enable XA transactions from command line, or is […]

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