Windows phone mango with SQL Server

I have a WP7 app idea that requires a connection to a server database (running SQL Server 2008 R2). I checked online and accordingly it is usually done by using WCF that expose the database for the phone to be used. I would like to know if the new mango update provide anything new to […]

Return Multi Row DataSet as Single Row CSV without Temp Table

I’m doing some reporting against a silly database and I have to do SELECT [DESC] as ‘Description’ FROM dbo.tbl_custom_code_10 a INNER JOIN dbo.Respondent b ON CHARINDEX(‘,’ + a.code + ‘,’, ‘,’ + b.CC10) > 0 WHERE recordid = 116 Which Returns Multiple Rows Palm Compaq Blackberry Edit * Schema is Respondent Table (At a Glance) […]

Can I pass an SQL query to sql server encoded in hex or decimal?

I am having some problems with collation in sql server, and I am wondering if I can “pass” the sql query to the server encoded in some ‘universal’ way? That is, instead of writing: select * from table; — ASCII I want to write something like: char(39)char(32)char(3222) — DECIMAL VALUES Is there some way that […]

Calculating second page of results from a union

I’ve got a SQLServer problem. I’m trying to work out how to show a second page of results. The first page of results are pulled using the query below. SELECT TOP 10 * FROM ( SELECT,, c.inserteddate, c.cityname, AS statename, AS catname, ” AS listingimagelogo, ” AS orgname, relocateyn, ” AS […]

Moving data between fields in destination table in T-SQL MERGE

I have a SQL MERGE statement that does an UPDATE if a value exists (and an INSERT if it does). I’d like to record the last few “historical” values in the row when an UPDATE happens, sort of like this: MERGE into desttable as dest USING sourcetable as src on src.ref = dest.ref WHEN MATCHED […]

passing Parameter to crystal report in windows form ( )

i am working on visual stdio 2008( and sql server 2008 i working on crystal report 9 i have created a stored procedure in sql server i have add this procedure in crystal report data expert now i just want to pass a parameter to crystal report so that it will show me data in […]

How to automatically close SQL Server connections from IIS for DB rebuild in Integration Test

I’m playing about with some DB connections via WinForms and a WebService and I’ve found that when using the web service the connections are not closed. This is causing a glitch in my automated test because I destroy and recreate the database bewteen tests so I always have the same starting state for each test. […]

Can file log deletion raise any problem?

Is it safe to delete log file, because I have a big size log file ? Another question: can I restore a transaction log backup to another server ? I just want ensure about that.

retrieving empty record from informationschema. WHY?

SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLE_CONSTRAINTS Above SQL is not showing any data while 20minutes ago it was showing all the records, just fine! How is that even possible?

Umbraco – SQL Server or SQLCE4? Performance and upgrade considerations

I am creating a customer site with the Umbraco CMS. the cheapest database option is to go with SQLCE4, as the latest version supports this. What concerns me about using SQLCE4 is the performance…. how many concurrent users before it starts to top out? if i did need to upgrade to full SQL Server in […]

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