Is it possible to continuously query newly added data from Microsoft SQL Server using node-mssql?

Here is the case: There is real-time data acquisition software continuously pushing new data to my SQL Server (about 8 rows per 1 sec). What I want to do is that using node-mssql and to get the newly added data, push them to the client sides and show the real-time data on chart(by HighCharts). […]

SSIS Error: Invalid object name – but object exists and query runs in SSMS

I’m currently updating all of our ETLs using Visual Studio 2015 (made in BIDS 2008) and redeploying them to a new reporting server running on SQL Server 2016 (originally 2008R2). While updating one of the ETLs I got this error: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0202009 Error at Load Staging Table [OLE DB Source [129]]: SSIS Error […]

Copying data to Azure using BCP shows no errors but no data is transferred

I’m attempting to use bcp.exe to insert rows into an Azure database. The command line I am using is: bcp <database>.dbo.<table> IN <datafile> -n -S <server> -U <username> -P <password> -k -e <errorfile> When executed against a local database, all is fine, the data is inserted. When executed against the Azure database, bcp says all […]

Change Label Text Based on SQL query result

I would like to set the label that I have as projPoints1 to epual what the SQL query returns. This is the code that I currently have: using (QC.SqlCommand cmd = new QC.SqlCommand(“SELECT *,[proj] FROM[dbo].[WeeklyStats] WHERE[playerID] = @player1 AND [weeks] = @week1 “)) { string week1 = Weeks.SelectedValue.ToString(); cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@player1”, playerArr[0].ToString()); cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@week1”, week1); //runs the sql […]

SQL – WHERE statement with text added to value from table

I need to copy data from an old database to a newer one. Both of these databases have a user setup table with the primary key of “USER ID”. The problem is, in the old database the users didn’t have the domain in the name, but in the new one they have. Example: Primary Key […]

Minimum 5 character match in sql-server table columns(containing string)

Consider two sql-server table columns Column1 Column2 mr white james bond james cameron gordon ramsay Harry Gordon Selfridge I need to select these tables are equal by comparing 5 letters match in name. Example Name mr white james bond and james cameron contains common five letter word james. Name gordon ramsay and Harry Gordon Selfridge […]

How to return an string with concatenate values into an field (SQL script)

This SQL Server stored procedure returns a string with values delimited by single commas and placing an apostrophe before each value. Uses a table named Sucursal and returns an string with all branches assigned to an specific people or manager: Please, let me to asume following values into Sucursal table: SELECT Sc_Cve_Sucursal, Sc_Gerente FROM dbo.Sucursal […]

“Check capacity availability in spaces” with SQL Server

I have a warehouse which has squared spaces in racks to put my products which are of the same size and are in boxes. There are spaces in racks that can vary in size and I can put a maximum of X boxed products. The size of the space can be variable. For that reason […]

SSIS Programmatic Package Validate/Run Issue

I’ve posted the same question on MSDN [] and I’m hoping someone over here might be able to help. — here’s the question — I am trying to create a simple SSIS task to load data from a SQL Server table (with one int column called [num]) to an Oracle table (with one NUMBER column […]

Comparing first row and nth row in SQL Server

I just need datetime difference between first 100 key and to upcoming 101 key in one partition by ID i.e for id=1 if next key value also 101 then take that key datetime value. Same for 101 key to upcoming 100 key. I tried with window functions but not getting exact answer. ID Name Key […]

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