How to use zBar generated XML in SQL

I’m using zBar to read QR codes from scanned image files and am trouble parsing the XML that zBar generates in my SQL scripts. For background, zBar is an open source barcode reading tool. In addition to the source code for use in your own projects, there is a command line tool (zBarImg.exe) to read […]

is it possible to sync two tables in two linked server one from MySQL and MSSQL?

I have created two Linked server one from Mysql and the other from remote MSSQL. is it possible to sync tables in these two Linked server from different database?

Importing to sql using ssis results to moving of data to the next column

I am currently creating an ETL package that would import data from a .csv file to a database. My current problem is when I try to import data, some rows was not on the column where they should be. Please see my example below: This is the correct output Item No | Total Amount | […]

Fastest way to sort in Ms sql

I have two large databases(2.7 million entries each) which need to be merged and sorted . The sorting of merged table consumes a lot of time when done by order by. Is there any other way to sort this merged table faster? I have already tried indexing which speeds up the execution but i’m looking […]

How to Make a Synchronous Call an Asynchronous Call in Angular?

I have an app that shows statuses for internal processes. It also has a separate view that allows you to set up new records. To set up a new record, you fill out a form, and upon submit a call is made to my nodejs server that: inserts the record into a table kicks off […]

While executing, application published on dev server still references files in the visual studio

I’m seeing something really strange so I don’t really know whether it’s the source of the problem. I’ve published the application I was developing to the dev server. When I run the application, I get an error related to the connection to the database server. The error is: error: 26 – Error Locating Server/Instance Specified. […]

SQL Query a range of data and return NULL if the data is NOT exist

I’m trying to populate a list of data into a line charts. My X-axis will be my StartTime and my Y-axis will be Total Wanted to ask is it possible to query a range of data and if the data is not in the database and return it as null instead of no show, take […]

T-SQL Add Row With Zeros When Data Does Not Exist

I know this question has been answered a few times but I’m still having trouble adding an extra row while data doesn’t exist until it does. DECLARE @Test TABLE ( ID NVARCHAR(10) ,Number INT ) INSERT INTO @Test VALUES (‘TG32’,6) INSERT INTO @Test VALUES (‘TG32’,6) INSERT INTO @Test VALUES (‘TG32’,6) INSERT INTO @Test VALUES (‘TG32’,2) […]

SQL – Counting months passed by a Person Indicator

I’m trying to count the number of months that have passed based on ID, it’s possible that for some records the months will not increase by 1 each time (i.e. someone could have a record for 1/1/13 and 3/1/13 but not 2/1/13) however I only want a count of the records in my table. So […]

SQL server convert int field to bit

I have a big database and I should to normalize it. One of the table contains field with type “integer” but it contains only 1 and 0 values. So it is good reason to convert this field to bit type. But when I try to save changes in SQL Server Management Studio it tells me […]

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