How to change the date format

Table: Dates (nvarchar) == 23/02/2009 (dd/mm/yyyy) 24/02/2009 25/08/2009 28/12/2011 …. I want to change the date form like this (yyyymmdd) Tried query select cast(dates as datetime) from table1 Showing error Đ®Arithemetic expression overflow select Convert(char(10), dates, 112) from table1 Showing the same value 23/02/2009 The above query is not working. Expected Output 20090232 20090224 20090825 […]

Exclude records verifying two conditions

select * from table_name where BaseDocEntry=15 and BaseDocType=’PRRH’ and ItemCode=’TestStudy2′ and WhseCode=’01’ and (currentdoctype<>’PUSH’ and CurrentDocEntry<>15) According to the query I have written above, the data from INS2 will be fetched excluding the currentdoctype [PUSH] and all data where CurrentDocEntry is not 15. What I expect my query to be is, it must exclude the […]

Passing Parameters to SQL Server 2008

I am trying to pass parameters to my stored procedure. They are like this @p_latitude=”,@p_longitude=”,@p_miles=”,@p_searchtext=”,@p_maptownid=182,@p_regionid=0 From code I am passing the parameters like cmd.Parameters.Add(“@p_latitude”, SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value=”””; cmd.Parameters.Add(“@p_longitude”, SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value=”””; cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@p_miles”,0); cmd.Parameters.Add(“@p_searchtext”,SqlDbType.NVarChar).Value=”””; cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@p_maptownid”,maptownid); cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue(“@p_regionid”,0); I’m getting an error cannot convert navarchar to float. I tried in different ways sending null, string.empty. But couln’t find it.

How do I construct a connectstring given all the parameters?

In C#, how do I manually build a proper connection string? I have the server name, database name, user name, and password. This is a SQL Server database and .NET 4.0. I looked at the SQLConnectionStringBuilder and that appears to be what I want but I don’t know how to specify the server.


Does anyone know why the results of the following 2 queries do not add up to the results of the 3rd one? SELECT COUNT(leadID) FROM leads WHERE makeID NOT IN (SELECT uploadDataMapID FROM DG_App.dbo.uploadData WHERE uploadID = 3 AND uploadRowID = 1) AND modelID NOT IN (SELECT uploadDataMapID FROM DG_App.dbo.uploadData WHERE uploadID = 3 AND […]

Issue with SQL statement with joins on a double aliased table

I was not sure how to title this issue, below is an example of what I want to do which is create two values of a total of something above a threshold and one for below but the two statements are exclusive of one another. I thought using a left join or left out join […]

SQL select joined string for set of ids

I have to deal with a mssql database and the information given in a table like this: Users: ID Name Countries ——————– 1 User1 1,2,3 2 User2 2,5 Countries: ID Country ———- 1 Australia 2 Germany 3 USA 4 Norway 5 Canada Now, what i am looking for is a select statement that will give […]

SQL to insert 200 Million records

I am trying to insert around 200M records into a table after doing a select from a fact table but a System.OutOfMemoryException Following is my query : Select ProductID, SaleDate, Quantity from dbo.Product where SaleDate BETWEEN ‘2012-01-01’ AND ‘2016-01-01’; The result of the above SELECT returns 200M records which is to be inserted in a […]

Versoning in relational database

I have a problem to introduce a good versioning in my database design. Let’s make a easy example. A little rental service. You have a table Person (P_ID, Name), table Computer (C_ID, Type) and a table Rent (R_ID, P_ID, C_ID, FromData, ToData). I want to be able to change say the user name, create a […]

SQl to select from multiple tables

I have two table emptable1(empid,status) emptable2(empid,week) i want to select all the empid whose status is 0 in emptable1 and from that list of empid i need to select empid whose week is 7 from the table emptable2 Please help đŸ™‚

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