Is SQLFairy/SQL::Translator offer support for visualizing SQL Server 2012 databases?

the documentation seems to be somewhat out of date (last edit was in 2007), and a quick look through related forums shows a few references to this problem: is anyone using SQLFairy to visualize a modern version of SQLServer? Is this supported/meant to work at all?

Calling in Django 161 WSGI fails to execute sql update

I have a python script that I wish to kick off its process from a simple upload via CentOS6 Django 1.6.1 once the upload is complete a series of conversions and sql updates occur all of which happen in a standalone Python script. in my I have‘python /var/www/abc/123/’,shell=True) this successfully runs using python […]

How to add or concatenate money type and string on query mssql

I have a situation like this I got a column with ‘money’ type, 2 decimal . Example data:(65.00) I need to add 12 zero / 000000000000 to it so that the output would be like this: (65.00 convert to 6500) + (000000000000) = 000000006500 Output: 000000006500 How can I achieve this?. Thank you for your […]

SSIS error loading postgres “timeout expired ” Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, “ResultSet” property not set correctly

I am loading data into a potgres database using ssis and oledb drivers. The package executes inserts and some updates using execute sql task. It runs fine through most of the steps but then fails on one final update sql task and I receive the following cryptic Microsoft error msg. failed with the following error: […]

email notification in sql server

I have a stored procedure which has 2 parameters @LastUpdateDate and @CurrentDate I calculate the difference between these two days and store it in another variable called Sub, like this declare @sub int select @sub = (datediff(dd,@LastUpdate,@CurrentDate)) If the value of Sub is greater than 0, I want to send an email notification to few […]

The multi-part identifier “Maintenanceinfo.userid” could not be found

I am trying to display details in a gridview from two tables and the login is tree structure, Admin, Manager, User One table is Maintenanceinfo and the other is UserDetails Below is my code: Private Sub fillgrid() dt1 = Now.Year If Convert.ToString(Session(“userType”)).ToLower() = “admin” Then cmd.CommandText = “select sno, (SELECT UserName FROM UserDetails WHERE userid=Maintenanceinfo.userid) […]

Parsing performance of row data from files to SQL Server database

I have the PAF raw data in several files (list of all addresses in the UK). My goal is to create a PostCode lookup in our software. I have created a new database but there is no need to understand it for the moment. Let’s take a file, his extension is “.c01” and can be […]

Using trigger to rollback update

I’m trying to create a trigger that will rollback an update or delete based on whether a value is present in a field. The trigger is: CREATE TRIGGER [dbo].[tr_CheckValidation_Observation] ON [dbo].[tbl_observation] AFTER UPDATE, DELETE AS IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM deleted as d WHERE d.verificationDate IS NOT NULL) BEGIN RAISERROR (‘Cannot change data that has […]

Compare the data in two tables with same schema

I have been doing a bit of searching for a while now on a particular problem, but I can’t quite find this particular question I have a rather unusual task to achieve in SQL: I have two tables, say A and B, which have exactly the same column names, of the following form: id | […]

Combing multiple rows into one row

I have the following table Index BookNumber 2 51 2 52 2 53 1 41 1 42 1 43 I am trying to come up with the following output Index BookNumber1 Booknumber2 Booknumber3 ———————————————- 1 41 42 43 2 51 52 53 I was able to come up with the following query , however the […]

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