Set values from source table before SQL merge

Here’s what I’m dreaming of doing and I emphasize dreaming. This is quite possibly impossible. What I want to do (in the best way I can describe it) is to set variables in a merge statement using data from the source table. These variables, such as the example below, will manipulate the source data before […]

SQL Query for Data Copy to Other Field

i have use a db for my school records and update them every month like inspection data for every month observed performance for students. my question is… i have enrollment table as per my school register Class: Cls_1,Cls_2,Cls_3,… Enrolled Students 30 40 50 … Present Students 10 20 30 … So, i want (Column) cls_1 […]

Scheduling SQL Server Reporting Services reports (SSRS)

I recognize that SSRS has subscription/scheduling capability within the product that relies on the SQL Server – SQL Agent for execution. This out of the box method is not very robust however to enterprise wide deployment. Are there alternatives to relying on SSRS-Scheduling (OOB) that others have used in it’s place? I have seen this […]

Connect to SQL Server and SQL Server CE database in same code

Let me preface this by saying I’m kind of new to C# and database implementation. I’m trying to create some code that will connect to a database, but the type of database can vary between SQL Server, SQL Server CE, and maybe later on MySQL or something like that. I’m trying to implement the code […]

SQL Server User Permission?

Sorry my English a little. I created an application using C# and Sql server. I create 2 users. user1: Has all permission as an admin account user2: Has only select permissions. I choosing user2 on the c# application. My customers using application from user2 account. My question is: I am test decompile my c# application […]

Connections in loop for SQL Server Symfony2

i´ve been trying to create a loop for different MSSQL Server in Symfony 2.3, but if some of the servers is off or the MSSQL service is down, the app don’t make an exception and it breaks the function. This is the main controller: function pruebaconAction() { $enlistaServers = new array (,,, […]

Daily report of modified objects in an instance, compared to second instance

I would like to get a high-level report of schema differences (modified/added/dropped objects) when comparing all databases in two instances. Both instances have the same databases, usually with the same schemas, but when one gets updated I would like a report with all the changed objects (Database + Object Type + Object Name). I would […]

A connection attempt failed beacuse the party did not properly respond?

I am trying to remotely connect to a Database and every time I try i get the error in question. I have researched alot and cannont find a solution to this anywhere! Can anywhere here shed some light for me? How can I solve this issue?

Mapping fields in stored procedure to class properties with different names with Dapper

I have this exert from a POCO class with many fields: public class Call { public int Id { get; set; } public string Customer { get; set; } public int StatusId { get; set; } public int UserAssignedToId { get; set; } public string UserAssignedToName { get; set; } } However my stored procedure […]

Right parameter setting to ignore data loss on msdeploy with dbDacFx Provider

I’m using msdeploy to synchronize the DB, but the script is always being cancelled due to data loss, even though I explicitly set it up to ignore it. What am I doing wrong? msdeploy -Verb:Sync -Source:dbDacFx=”Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=DevelopmentDB;Integrated Security=True;”,BlockOnPossibleDataLoss=”False” -Dest:dbDacFx=”Data Source=localhost;Initial Catalog=ProductionDB;Integrated Security=True;” This is the final result of the script:

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