Save Image into sql server or inside the folder name Images in web application

I have one save button which will save the image in the desktop from camera when button is click below is the code….. <input id=”Save” style=”Z-INDEX: 1; LEFT: 8px; WIDTH: 128px; TOP: 36px; HEIGHT: 24px” onclick=”return save_onclick()” type=”button” value=”Save Image” name=”save”> function save_onclick() { document.AxuEyeCam.SaveImage(“test.jpg”); } It not good to save image in one pc […]

NHibernate and MS SQL function NEWSEQUENTIALID() to generate an ordered GUID

How can I configure NHibernate 3.3.1 (or some other version) to allow Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 to generate the primary key value (guid that is ordered) for a table with data type uniqueidentifier and default constraint NEWSEQUENTIALID()? My testing has shown that I can setup the Id (PK) mapping as GeneratedBy.Guid.Native() but this will call […]

Validate table data with regex in SQL server

I have a MSSQL table with large number of alpha numeric codes. I have to verify these codes are within certain characters. How do I write a SQL in MSSQL? Any advice ? Codes Table JFBBB22 -> Valid JBBYB33 AXBBB22 ->Invalid LBBBB33 Code I am using in c# to validate.. Regex.IsMatch(code, “^[BCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXZ123456789]*$”).

How to create a centralised server

I have a question out of curiosity regarding centralized databases. When you navigate through the web you can find websites that offer one particular service, like cinema movies or flight information, from multiple companies/locations. How is this accomplished from a technical/programming point of view?

Need Solution. 2 row into 1 row sql server 2008

This is my 2 normalize table which has Clientid into Telephone table (ClientID int Primary key, FName varchar(25), LName varchar(25), HomeAddress varchar(50)) CREATE TABLE Telephone (TelephoneID tinyint IDENTITY(1,1)Primary key, TelephoneNo int, ClientID int foreign key references Client(ClientID)) so the values for my Client table.. ClientID | FName | LName | HomeAddress 1 marvin Biu p.guevarra […]

Move all database tables under another database with new Schema?

So I’ve been tasked with researching something I’ve never done before. 3 Application modules built using C# in VS2010 are using 1 database (Database1) with the tables such as dbo.Samples, which all have the schema “dbo.Table“. For some higher-up unknown reason, it has been requested that all these tables under Database1 be moved into Database2 […]

How to select xmlnode and value in sql server 2008

I have below xml in table <GetOrdersResponse xmlns=”urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents”> <Timestamp>2013-09-07T06:38:46.192Z</Timestamp> <Ack>Success</Ack> <Version>837</Version> <Build>E837_CORE_APIXO_16317239_R1</Build> <HasMoreOrders>true</HasMoreOrders> <OrdersPerPage>100</OrdersPerPage> <PageNumber>1</PageNumber> <ReturnedOrderCountActual>48</ReturnedOrderCountActual> <PaginationResult> <TotalNumberOfPages>9</TotalNumberOfPages> <TotalNumberOfEntries>881</TotalNumberOfEntries> </PaginationResult> <OrderArray> <Order> <OrderID>1</OrderID> </Order> <Order> <OrderID>2</OrderID> </Order> </OrderArray> </GetOrdersResponse> I have written below query and getting 2 rows with balank(not null) results select xmlresponse.value(‘(/GetOrdersResponse/OrderArray)[1]’,’varchar(max)’) from ordersxml I want to result like below Row1: <Order> <OrderID>1</OrderID> […]

Sql server not Accepting Date from text box

I am not able to insert date from text box which is in DD/MM/YYYY format. I am using Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7. my language and regional settings are “ENGLISH(United Kingdom)”, and my system is showing today’s date like 12/12/2013. The same date i have get in text box via form On load event. […]

Query section symbol (§) i SQL Server 2012 full text index

We are using the SQL Server 2012 for doing full text indexing of legislative documents. However, it appears that in 2012 it is not possible to create queries containing characters like the section symbol (ยง). I can’t seem to find the documentation on MSDN that states which characters are “un-queryable”. In our use case, it […]

how can I read content of image data from sql server database

I have a ArcSDE SQL server database. according to arcSDE schema CodedValues for domains in geodatabase stored in GDB_CODEDDOMAINS table in IMAGE format. how can I convert this image data type of coded values to string that can be human understandable. In other word I want to convert this data type to string and extract […]

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