Show Row Count in SQL Profiler

Is it possible to show a “Row Count” column in SQL Server Profiler?

For example there are CPU and Duration columns but can it show how many rows a query returns?

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    How about using the RowCounts column?

    For SQL Server 2008 R2:
    From the top menu: Tools -> SQL Server Profiler
    Choose the Server name:

    enter image description here

    The Trace Properties dialog will appear.
    Click on the Events Selection tab:

    Events Selection

    Click on the Show all columns check box
    Slide the horizontal scroll bar to the right.
    Check the boxes under the column RowCounts

    enter image description here

    Click Run

    The trace will start displaying. The RowCounts column will be to the very right.
    You can drag it to the left if you so desire.

    Quite simply, no. It’s not a measurable in profiler

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