SQL — Excluding Tuples

I’m writing a query to select employee names from a database where the employees are married but have no children.

I have two different tables: Employee and Dependents

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  • Employee has the following fields

    fname, lname, ssn

    And Dependents have the following fields

    essn, dependents_name, relationship

    Dependents.essn is a FK that references Employee.ssn

    Some Employee.ssn have multiple tuples in Department, each with a different relationship status (spouse, son, daughter), describing the type of dependent that employee has.

    I’m looking to write a query that selects those employees, based on the ssn -> essn relationship, that have the relationship spouse but not the relationships son or daughter.

    So far, this is what I’ve tried:

    select e.fname, d.relationship
    from (employee e left outer join dependents d
    on e.ssn = d.essn)
    where d.relationship = 'spouse'

    It returns the tuples of employees with the spouse value, but also with the son and daughter value.

    How can I filter my tables to include only those employees with the spouse value?

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    you can use NOT EXISTS clause

    select e.fname, d.essn, d.relationship
    from employee e 
    join dependents d
    on e.ssn = d.essn
    and d.relationship = 'spouse'
    and not exists ( select 1 from dependents d1
                     where d1.essn= e.ssn
                     and d1.relationship <> 'spouse'

    Here’s another way with a common table expression and count with partition:

    with cte as (
      select e.fname, 
        count(d.relationship) over (partition by e.ssn) cnt
      from employee e 
        join dependents d on e.ssn = d.essn
    select fname, relationship
    from cte
    where cnt = 1 and relationship = 'spouse'
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    BTW, no need for an OUTER JOIN — your WHERE criteria negates it since you require a spouse to exist.

    You can do this with aggregation and a having clause:

    select e.fname
    from employee e left outer join
         dependents d
         on e.ssn = d.essn
    group by e.fname
    having sum(case when d.relationship = 'spouse' then 1 else 0 end) > 0 and
           sum(case when d.relationship in ('son', 'daughter') then 1 else 0 end) = 0;
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