SQL Query to get Last binary left or right position

I have binary tree presented in a table in a SQL Server 2014 database:

UserID ParentUserID Position 
1      null         null     <-- ROOT
2      1            Left
3      1            Right    <-- Last right for ID=1 (query should return 3)
4      2            Left
5      4            Left
6      2            Left
7      6            Left     <-- Last left for ID=1 (query should return 6)

Here is graphic representation:

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  • enter image description here

    I need to write 2 queries. The red lines of the diagram above show what nodes I need to retrieve;

    1. Last left leg id.
    2. Last right leg id

    How can I achieve my goal… should I use recursive query?

    Could you please provide an example of queries I need?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “SQL Query to get Last binary left or right position”

    You can recurse down the left or right hand side with a recursive common-table expression (CTE.) Using select top 1 * ... order by depth you can find the deepest node:

    ; with  left_hand_recurse as
            select  UserID
            ,       ParentUserID
            ,       1 as depth
            from    Table1 where ParentUserID is null
            union all
            select  child.UserID
            ,       child.ParentUserID
            ,       parent.depth + 1
            from    left_hand_recurse parent
            join    Table1 child
            on      parent.UserID = child.ParentUserID
                    and position = 'Left'
    select  top 1 *
    from    left_hand_recurse
    order by
            depth desc

    Example at SQL Fiddle.

    P.S. Your example data makes both 6 and 4 a left parent of 2. I assume that 6 is the left parent of 5.

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