sql server 2005 reporting services— how to use multiple datasets in report

I’m new to SQL Server reporting services, and am trying to decipher an existing report. It’s nothing too bad, but I notice it does have two report datasets defined. (They are generated via separate stored procedures)

I’m trying to figure out where and how the report datasets are linked together so the Fields collection has both sets of columns available and the report has a single rowset to traverse. Is there a section in the report layout where a joining of datasets is defined? I’m using Visual Studio 2005 to design and preview the report fwiw.

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  • Thanks for your help!

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    Since I cant see the report. I can at least suggest this. Many use the second dataset for selection values on parameters. Perhaps your report has a parameter that is using the second dataset to display a list of choices for that parameter.

    in many conditions we need to use from multiple datasets. usually these datasets get a same report parameter and return the results. for example suppose that you have a report that get you the list of passed lessons by a student. in this report you want to know min and max of this student number. for this report you get a student id as a input parameter and pass this parameter to first dataset and get the list of passed lessons. the second dataset get this parameter too for generating the max and min of student numbers.

    both of these datasets get this parameter. may this parameter be the common point of the datasets.

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