SQL Server 2014 time outs while running backups

We have a SQL Server 2014 database running in virtual machine withing Azure.

The virtual machine has these specs: D13, 8 cores, 56Gb RAM which is one of the top options available from Azure.

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  • While running backups, the database causes timeout errors to the web application (roughly 100 concurrent users).

    I would expect a top notch hardware from Azure to manage backups and attend users requests without struggling.

    Is this something acceptable? What alternatives could I implement to avoid this?

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    Try Implementing backups using Split Backup mechanism. This will use multiple threads to backup your database and the time taken to complete backup process is less.

    Reference: http://www.sqlideas.com/2011/08/split-database-full-backup-to-mupltiple.html

    For huge databases this is the best approach in my opinion

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