SQL Server rtrim ltrim and charindex

I have the following scenario
John Doe johndoe@email.com
john johndoe@email.com

I want away that I can detect the first right space and just exclude everything to the left so I just get the email address of the person. So:
John Doe johndoe@email.com should be johndoe@email.com
john johndoe@email.com should be johndoe@email.com

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  • This is what i have

    Declare @test varchar(50)
    Select @test = 'John Doe johndoe@email.com'
    SELECT Right(@test, CHARINDEX(' ', @test))

    This is only giving me the email.com!

    Thank you.

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “SQL Server rtrim ltrim and charindex”

    Declare @test varchar(50)
    Select @test = 'John Doe johndoe@email.com'
    SELECT RIGHT(@test, CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(@test)-1))

    or a safer approach (if there are strings without space separator):

    Declare @test varchar(50)
    Select @test = 'johndoe@email.com'
            WHEN CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(@test)) > 0 THEN RIGHT(@test, CHARINDEX(' ', REVERSE(@test))-1)
            ELSE @test

    CharIndex is returning 5, which is the position of the first space in your test string, between “John” and “Doe”.

    Right is therefore returning the right-most 5 characters of your test string, which are “l.com”

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