SQL Server – using CASE in WHERE clause

I want to use CASE in WHERE clause, but it returns error.

Can I use CASE in where clause? or how to fix it ? Thanks

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  • SELECT * FROM hris_leave.dbo.tbl_act 
    inner join hris_leave.dbo.tstaff on hris_leave.dbo.tstaff.s_id =        hris_leave.dbo.tbl_act.s_id 
     case when acting_to is not null 
    datediff(day, acting_from, acting_to) >= 90 and acting_to >= '2010-10-01' 
    acting_to is null
    order by  hris_leave.dbo.tbl_act.s_id 

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    In your case, you only need OR

        acting_to is null 
            datediff(day, acting_from, acting_to) >= 90
            acting_to >= '2010-10-01'

    A case is for values, not conditions. The condition is outside the CASE expression


        WHEN SomeCol = 'a' THEN ColA
        WHEN SomeCol = 'c' THEN ColC
        ELSE ColB
    END > 42
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