SQL User Defined Function Within Select

I have a user defined function in SQL called getBuisnessDays it takes @startdate and @enddate and returns the number of business days between the two dates. How can I call that function within my select?

Here’s what I’d like to do..

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  • SELECT getBusinessDays(a.opendate,a.closedate) 
    FROM account a
    WHERE ...

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    Yes, you can do almost that:

    SELECT dbo.GetBusinessDays(a.opendate,a.closedate) as BusinessDays
    FROM account a

    If it’s a table-value function (returns a table set)
    you simply join it as a Table

    this function generates one column table with all the values from passed comma-separated list

    SELECT * FROM dbo.udf_generate_inlist_to_table('1,2,3,4')

    Use a scalar-valued UDF, not a table-value one, then you can use it in a SELECT as you want.

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