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SQL Server console like control for ASP.NET

I’m deploying a web site and I need to run large TSQL scripts contained in a single file in a production server where I don’t have full access to SQL Server console and I can’t connect remotely. The scripts is a mixed of table, stored procedures and views creations. All I can do is to […]

ASP.NET – SQL Process Design Connect to Multiple DBs

Scenario Web server running an ASP.NET site that’s connected to a sql server instance for all the web related DB needs (products, pricing, users, etc.)… The companies accounting, inventory control(FIFO, etc.) and whatnot are mainly done on another system which uses a different SQL server…much more complex, for obvious reasons. What I Need What I […]

Delete A Record From Two Separate SQL Data Sources

I have a slight issue with deleting a record that is stored on two separate SQL servers. I am using an ASP.NET databound control on a datagrid with delete button commandfield linked to one data source. Is there a way of deleting the same record from another data source at the same time? Any advice […]

Making a backup of an SQL Server database

I’m working on software that has been developed to support two SQL Server versions. We have one version running on SQL Server 2000 and another on 2005. Both are installed on customer sites (two different customers) and I need to be able to get a backup from both servers to do tests for upgrades. The […]

Basic questions on setting up an access controlled intranet site – ASP .NET

Please note: I understand this is a somewhat vague question. Therefore your patience is very much appreciated. Requesting: An abstract high level idea of where to begin as I am totally clueless at this point. Background: I am setting up an intranet site (ASP .NET) where users from our local user group (who are also […]

SQL Query Returns More Than 1 Row – Need 1 Row

I currently have the following SQL Query: SELECT con_Content, cot_Name, pag_Name FROM [Page] inner join [Content] on con_PageID = pag_ID inner join [ContentType] on cot_ID = con_TypeID WHERE pag_URL = ‘tour’ that returns multiple rows like the screenshot below: http://i.stack.imgur.com/2GbHi.gif i really need this query to return 1 row with the additional column names to […]

Error Object refrence not set to an instance if page is open for more than minutes

I had a problem with my internet explorer where when i refresh page the submit button the a page would also execute which was leading to double entry of data . for that i had to right the code for the refresh page where it wud clear the cache and session or it wud not […]

Perform Data Analysis on Sql Server or in .Net?

I have some data analysis that needs to perform. On average, it would involve somewhere in between 50K-150K rows. From these rows I need to extract the summation of Sum(X) as well as Count(X) based on five different criteria. There are two ways of going about it: Write 10 different queries, each one designed to […]

Increment Time with 1 minute and 5 minute intervals using c# – if possible with sql server too

I’ve a requirement in which I have a start and End time. For instance let us assume the start time as 10:00 and end time as 17:30. I need increment this in 1 minute and 5 minute intervals. For example if I click the button named “Increment 5 mins” the series should be like this, […]

Update SQL database with values from text boxes

Here’s what I have. User enters values into text boxes (personal information etc.) and then presses a save changes button. The values in these text boxes get stored in an SQL database. The problem I have is that when updating the database using the values from the text boxes, the page refreshes and the values […]

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