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How to upload image in database using jqgrid with asp.net

I am using jqgrid with asp.net 4.0 web form application and I just want to upload image into sqlserver database. Please suggest what is right way with example. Thanks in advance. colModel: [ { name: ‘imageToUpload’, index: ‘ImageID’, align: ‘left’, editable: true, edittype: ‘file’, editoptions: { enctype: “multipart/form-data” }, search: false }, } ], beforeSubmit: […]

How to get timely Alert Message in asp.net?

In my Project I want to implement remainder on time basis that will send a message or remainder mail to my email ID and Mobile no.I am using 3 columns in sql server wiz complaint_date ,max_servedate ,status in which complaint_date is the date when user lock the Request ,max serve date is 1 day addition […]

Can the dbo.ELMAH_Error.AllXml column type be changed to Sql Server XML column type?

I have run a quick test of changing the AllXml column of dbo.ELMAH_Error to XML type. Logging inserts and the standard log viewer still function. This has the benefit of allowing me to create indexes on the AllXml column. However, I am concerned that this may cause an incompatibility with other software that may work […]

Why doesn't this SSRS Windows authentication work?

I have a SSRS Express 2012, SQL Express 2012 DB and a ASP.NET 4.5 application , all in the same box.The application actually uses Forms authentication . In SSRS i gave Admin rights to user NTAUTHORITY/IUSR The web.config of the web app, the SSRS Web service and the SSRS Report manager all have <authentication mode=”Windows” […]

How to Connect LocalDb to AppData Folder in ASP.NET MVC 5

I have SQL Server Express 2014 installed and I have created a table “MyStructures” that I would like to use with an ASP.NET MVC5 application. I can connect and view the database using “Server Explorer” in Visual Studio. Also I checked that the server is allowed to accept remote connections. Although I don’t see why […]

InvalidCastException – passing null values to stored procedure

i’ve not that much experience in programming, so I’ve no idea what is my fault. I’m working on a dynamic search for a website, where you can search for different values. This is my procedure: ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[Support_for_Search] @ID int, @Benutzername nvarchar(100), @DatumEingang date, @Eskalation date, @Prio tinyint, @namePrefix nvarchar(100) AS BEGIN — SET NOCOUNT […]

ASP.net web forms app “on server” getting old data values using Entity framework

I published my ASP.net web forms app on my hosting server, after updating the data in the SQL database using entity framework, the app still returning old values. Is this possible, or I’m going crazy.

What to do while designing an SQL Server Db to support German and Turkish

I am about to design and develop a web application that may need to support multiple languages such as English, German and Turkish. I will be using ASP.NET (Webforms) 4.0 and SQL Server 2008 Standard. Inserts, updates and selects will be inline statements. There will be exports (from GridView to Excel) and file uploads (using […]

How to change SQL Connection string from server to Windows authentication

Currently my project connects to a database on the schools network using this connection string <connectionStrings> <add name=”Provider” connectionString=”server=.;uid=sa;pwd=****;database=decider;”/> </connectionStrings> But my database engine at home uses Windows authentication. How can do I change it?

Generating Crystal Report Using Entity Framework in MVC5

Please I have an application that I have built and am trying to integrate crystal report using what i have query from my controller this is the report generator Controller public ActionResult ExportReport(int CategoryId, string DateFrom, string DateTo) { DateTime StartDate = Convert.ToDateTime(DateFrom); DateTime EndDate = Convert.ToDateTime(DateTo); ReportDocument read = new ReportDocument(); if (CategoryId == […]

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