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season based database schema/design

I have a simple schema for a sports registration system till the concept of a season is introduced: A player registers as part of a Team A Team registers as part of a Club A team plays in a Division An Organization creates Divisions This happens every season. So I need a way to keep […]

Database design – how can I have a recurring database entry?

I am currently using the FullCalendar JQuery module to allow a user to create a personal timetable. The events are added/updated to an SQL Server database. This is working fine. I am trying to create a facility where each user has a database which has stored all of their events for the year, some of […]

Comments/Suggestions on database design – Warehouse Stock Management

I’m currently creating a stock management system that uses multiple warehouses (with sub locations) and since this is my first big project I would love some feedback. Let me show you what I have done so far… Link as Im still new here You first need to create a Warehouse, then you can create a […]

Which is the recommended approach to design a data model with custom fields for a generic crm software?

I want to develop a generic CRM application using SQL Server 2008. The application must enable custom user fields using some extension technique. I read a lot about the different options such as: Observable Pattern, and Entity Attribute Value (EAV) But unfortunately these options are difficult to implement and I understand the application performance is […]

SQL Server 2012 Table Columns & Performance

I currently have a web site hitting 7 Access DBs that I desperately need to move to SQL Server. The 7 db design is screaming fast, but obviously very poor for a number of reasons. In the 7 dbs I have collectively over 375 unique fields of data virtually all of which are populated – […]

Associate many child tables to a parent table

I will do my best to lay this out in text. Essentially, we have an application that tracks actions performed by users. Each action has it’s own table since each action has different parameters that need to be stored. This allows us to store those extra attributes and run analytics on the actions across multiple […]

SQL Server: Help in table design

I have an application that displays posts, and for each post the users can say if they like the post or not. For each post I should display how many users likes it and how many dont like it. Suppose I have these tables: CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Post]( [Id] [bigint] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL, [Quotation] [text] NOT […]

Designing a rudimentary Shopping Cart database

create table [User] ( UserId int primary key identity(1,1), FirstName nvarchar(256) not null, LastName nvarchar(256) not null, ) create table Product ( ProductId int primary key identity(1,1), UnitPrice decimal(18,2) not null, //For catalog purposes. Name nvarchar(1000) not null, Description nvarchar(max) not null, Stock int not null ) create table [Order] ( OrderId int primary key […]

Optional foreign keys – is that good solution?

I have DB with few permission tables in form: UserId, Object Id, lot of bit fields I’ve added users groups to my DB and I need to update permissions to work with users and users groups. I think about 2 approaches. Create copy of each permission table and have 2 tables for each object permission […]

data transfer -mysql and sql

I’m try to get data from mysql server to ms sql server.I have done this processes in localhost(Using ODBC connector). But now those server are hosting as an online data bases.Can anyone tell me the way of doing this? I think i can’t use odbc connectors for online server. Please help me to fix this […]

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