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using wpdb to insert into SQL SERVER database with PhP

I am attempting to convert a php form script I created from an external MySql database to an external SQL server database. I have properly copied the database over and just seem to be having a problem getting the form to use the WPDB object to use insert into the new SQL server database. The […]

How to Run Windows Form Application with SQL Server Database on Another Computer

I’m using Visual Studio 2015 and I just created a Windows Forms application with a SQL Server database. I finished the program and tried to run the application on the other computer but it didn’t run. I also tried to install .Net Framework v4.0 and SQL Server Express on that computer and also put the […]

Save data in single byte Kana for japanese language

I have a situation where I am storing bank name for Japanese culture for Japan. So the problem is we found the Bank Name which should be kana is saving as Double bytes Kanji in Database. The image below is being displayed as double byte This is how we save it in database. So please […]

SQL adding additional sub query to exclude results of main query

I’m running reports on a SQL 2008 database with 2 tables. Parent Table is Account, Child table is Contracts and they are Linked on a unique identifier field – AccountID. My goal is to pull all Accounts and Contracts based off of what type of contracts are present. I have this query right now: Select […]

Screen/Database query keep on loading/executing unless sql service is restarted

Edited: I am using MVC razor in one of the Web Application using .Net One of the screen in my web application has 2 DropDownList, 1 button and 1 Grid. When I click on 1st DDL, the screen instead of focusing on 2nd DDL it starts to keep on loading.. and gives exception: the timeout […]

SQL Server loads disk and cpu – how to investigate

I often observe that my SQL express instance consumes substantional amount of CPU and disk bandwidth (please see typical illustration below). Searching for the clues I went to profiler, but observed very little activity – basically there are 4 connections that are doing simple queries in a timely manner (once per minute) and are used […]

How to create dynamical table with column using T-SQL in SQL Server

I will create a table and some columns dynamically in SQL Server. I have the following stored procedure and generate columns inside a loop, but I have no idea about how to putting code inside loop to generatoe columns with the column name like this (Name_1)…..(Name_N) and their data type are (Nvarchar(10)) CREATE PROCEDURE sp_buildtbldynamically […]

Most Recent Record from two different databases

THANKS TO A PREVIOUS COMMENT POINTING OUT A SEQUENCING ERROR, THIS QUERY EXAMPLE HAS BEEN UPDATED, BUT THE PROBLEM HAS NOT BEEN SOLVED I have two databases, Lets call them db1 and db2. Each database has a table with the patient’s name and a table with the patient’s test record. I am trying to retrieve […]

Error When Calling Data From SQL Server

I build web app with F3 and SQL Server 2005 (may have expired, hehe). When I running it from my local server (Windows / DB connection use mssql), it runs normally and may be without any problems. But, when I running it from real server (Ubuntu / DB connection use dblib), I got the error […]

How do I pull data from a dual database in Rails (Postgresql and SQL Server)

I was working with just one database initially but I needed to add the clients other database which is a SQL Server database. I was able to connect but I am running into a few problems. Original full database.yml development: adapter: postgresql database: martin_development username: ******* password: ******* pool: 5 timeout: 5000 development_sec: adapter: sqlserver […]

MS SQL Server is a Microsoft SQL Database product, include sql server standard, sql server management studio, sql server express and so on.