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SQL Server Database File Groups on a SAN: Relevant or Not?

I am about to build out a new SQL Server and I was planning to make extensive use of file groups. I expect heavy growth, and heavy read/write to 5 different databases on this server. I was planning on creating 2 additional file groups (one for user data and one for indexes) on each database […]

The sql server size file doesn't decrease when i delete my records

I have a table called test i insert 40000 records in it ,I split my database file into two file groups like this : The size of both files based on round robin algorithm increased 160 mb as you can see . after this i delete the data in my table .but the size of […]

SQL Server 2008 File Write Behaviors

Sort of a 101 question: with multiple files in a user defined filegroup, what is SQL Servers behavior when inserting rows? Round robin? Write until full and move on to the next? I have found some interesting posts regarding tempDb on this subject that suggest round robin, but nothing conclusive.

Should static database data be in its own Filegroup?

I’m creating a new DB and have a bunch of static data that won’t change. If it does, it will be a manual process AND it will happen very rarely. This data is a mix of varchars and Geographies. I’m guessing it could be around 100K or so in total, over 4 or so tables. […]

Would a filegroup with many files located on the same drive outperform if it had just one file on SQL Server 2008 R2?

I’ve a couple of questions regarding filegroups and their files (.ndf). A filegroup with many files is faster than a filegroup with just one file? (All files are located on the same drive, i.e., same access time for their data) If (1) is false. A filegroup with many files spread over drives A and B […]

SQL Server 2005 / 2008 – multiple filegroups?

I’m a developer at heart – but every now and then, a customer doesn’t have a decent DBA to deal with these issues, so I’m called in to decide…. What are your strategies / best practices when it comes to dealing with a reasonably sized SQL Server database (anything larger than Northwind or AdventureWorks) – […]

How I can move table to another filegroup?

I have SQL Server 2008 Ent and OLTP database with two big tables. How I can move this tables to another filegroup without service interrupting? Now, about 100-130 records inserted and 30-50 records updated each second in this tables. Each table have about 100M records and six fields (including one field geography). I looking for […]

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