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Create different filegroup for different Schema

I need to create a filegroup for schema I have in SQL Server. The DB is empty and I just want to create schema and their filegroups. How can I do that?

Delete Filegroup and File from database

This is my database structure: 4 filegroups: PRIMARY, FileGroup201708, FileGroup201709, FileGroup201710 4 files: File1.mdf, File201708.ndf, File201709.ndf, File201710.ndf This is the partition scheme and Function: CREATE PARTITION FUNCTION [MyFunction](datetime) AS RANGE RIGHT FOR VALUES (N’2017-08-01T00:00:00.000′, N’2017-09-01T00:00:00.000′, N’2017-10-01T00:00:00.000′) CREATE PARTITION SCHEME [MyScheme] AS PARTITION [MyFunction] TO ([PRIMARY], [FileGroup201708], [FileGroup201709], [FileGroup201710]) All table in the database are partitioned. […]

SQL 2013 Filestream Filegroup Full, but have plenty of space?

Getting errors constantly that the filegroup is full for the filestream table. Though there was plenty of space on the system (ram, disk, …). Also noticed cases where if you delete files from table, it does not delete the file from disk. Even if the system is idle for days it would not run on […]

Multiple File groups on a Virtual machine for SQL Server

In many of the SQL Server articles it is mentioned that the best practice is to use multiple File group on a physical disk to avoid disk contention and disk spindle issues .So my query are : 1:Does the same theory of having multiple file group hold true for a virtual machine ? 2:Should i […]

SQL Server Database File Groups on a SAN: Relevant or Not?

I am about to build out a new SQL Server and I was planning to make extensive use of file groups. I expect heavy growth, and heavy read/write to 5 different databases on this server. I was planning on creating 2 additional file groups (one for user data and one for indexes) on each database […]

The sql server size file doesn't decrease when i delete my records

I have a table called test i insert 40000 records in it ,I split my database file into two file groups like this : The size of both files based on round robin algorithm increased 160 mb as you can see . after this i delete the data in my table .but the size of […]

SQL Server 2008 File Write Behaviors

Sort of a 101 question: with multiple files in a user defined filegroup, what is SQL Servers behavior when inserting rows? Round robin? Write until full and move on to the next? I have found some interesting posts regarding tempDb on this subject that suggest round robin, but nothing conclusive.

Should static database data be in its own Filegroup?

I’m creating a new DB and have a bunch of static data that won’t change. If it does, it will be a manual process AND it will happen very rarely. This data is a mix of varchars and Geographies. I’m guessing it could be around 100K or so in total, over 4 or so tables. […]

Would a filegroup with many files located on the same drive outperform if it had just one file on SQL Server 2008 R2?

I’ve a couple of questions regarding filegroups and their files (.ndf). A filegroup with many files is faster than a filegroup with just one file? (All files are located on the same drive, i.e., same access time for their data) If (1) is false. A filegroup with many files spread over drives A and B […]

SQL Server 2005 / 2008 – multiple filegroups?

I’m a developer at heart – but every now and then, a customer doesn’t have a decent DBA to deal with these issues, so I’m called in to decide…. What are your strategies / best practices when it comes to dealing with a reasonably sized SQL Server database (anything larger than Northwind or AdventureWorks) – […]

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